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Great thread. It seems like everyone agrees site-specific species lists should be included, for a number of reasons. I agree too. The main problem with this is that it takes another botanist to identify what is a good species list. This precludes the species list from being useful to the overwhelming majority of public reviewers and public agency people. In most cases another botanist never reviews the work.

The underlying problem here seems to be that there is no widely enforced standard for who does the surveys. The DFG/CNPS guidelines specify that the surveyors possess experience, knowledge, familiarity, etc, but those are fuzzy terms. How much experience is enough? For most of the local jurisdictions I work in, even if they were aware of the guidelines (they're not), I doubt they would pay much attention to the qualifications section.

Most other disciplines that prepare technical documents to support CEQA review have some framework for determining who is qualified to do the work. CNPS should certify professional botanists.
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