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Default Need for Checklists

Checklists of plants observed and identified are important in determining whether 1) the site supports taxa of interest, 2) the site supports a representative flora for the association or alliance identified and 3) the observer seems to have the capability of conducting an appropriate survey. There is little value in listing plants that should occur unless they are sensitive taxa which are known from similar habitats within the review area. After all, the purpose of the botanical survey is to convey both what is there and what of consequence could have been there but was not encountered.

However, too many reports list a genus with sp. after. This suggests that the material is too difficult or incomplete for determination although the author stops short for taxa within which there are no sensitive target species. But, there is a feeling during review that perhaps the genus id may be faulty as well. There are just too many sensitive taxa around to stop at sp.?. I suppose I am suggesting that reports should be more thorough.
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