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Old 07-15-2017, 03:21 PM
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Default Sierra Wildflowers

7/13/17 Yosemite
Today we drove through Yosemite from the west entrance on highway 120 to Lee Vining.

Crane Flat had many flowers in bloom, but the bright sunlight was less than ideal for photography. Most prominent were the California Cone Flowers, which had good displays.
Other flowers in bloom included Corn Lily, Lupine, Arrowhead Groundsel, Muskflower Monkeyflower and a large yellow Monkeyflower, a phacelia, Yarrow, Grand Collomia, Sierra Stickweed, a blue delphinium, Checkerbloom, Naked Buckwheat, Horkelia, White Rein Orchid, a small pink epilobiium, a blue Delphinium, and Gallium.

3.5 miles east of Crane Flat is a meadow with a large Jeffery Pine by the parking area that usually has good flowers but was closed for restoration. We did see Pussypaws, Slender Navarretia, and Gayophytum.
Some of the narrow rocky roadsides had very good if not that easily accessible flowers including Sticky Cinquefoil, Pretty Face, Lewisís Monkeyflower, Lupines, Sedum, Western Columbine and Blue Larkspur.
Other flowers seen along the road were Dogbane, more Lupines, Showy Penstemon and Mt. Pride Penstemon, Elderberry, Iris, and Leichtlinís Mariposa Lily.
Tuolumne Meadows were very wet and flooded in areas. We didn't stop but did see some flowers along the edges. The Tuolumne Meadows campground and lodge are both still closed. Also closed was the Tioga Pass resort.

You can see a couple of iphone photos at

7/14/17 Eastern Sierra
Yesterday we did a wildflower workshop with the Mono Lake Committee. Highlights were seeing displays that occurred just this year due to the heavy precipitation in a couple of relatively unknown places. Also explored Nanavut Trail just east of Yosemite for the first time, where we saw quite a bit of Red Mountain Heather and then checked out some of the wildflowers in Lundy Canyon.

The first large display was Soft Arnica/Arnica mollis which was on Oil Plant road. Oil Plant road is about three miles south of Lee Vining. We drove in .7 of a mile and then walked down the left fork of a dirt road a short way and came to the displays.

The second large display was Seep Spring or Common Monkeyflower/Erythranthe guttata which was formerly Mimulus guttatus, which was found about 1.5 miles out Horse Meadow Rd. Horse Meadows Rd. is also known as route 1N16 and is off of 395 about 1.2 miles south of Highway 120 West.

See photos and plant lists at


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