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Default Restoration Ecologist - California Department of Conservation

Under the close supervision of the Manager of the Environmental Services Unit, incumbent will function as a Reclamation Specialist performing the less complex review of reclamation plans and environmental documents.
For more information about the job and to apply see the link below:
Application deadline: December 26, 2018
Salary: $3,668.00 - $7,013.00 per month

Review and provide written comments on mine reclamation plans and associated environmental documents. Perform field investigations of existing and proposed mine sites throughout California to evaluate the feasibility of proposed reclamation. Provide local lead agency staff with input on the potential impacts of proposed mining and reclamation on sensitive plants, wildlife, and habitats. Participate in workshops to educate local lead agency staff in mine reclamation and inspection.

Are you interested in working for a department that oversees the operations of land conservation, mining, earthquakes and oil & gas regulations for the State of California? This job may be for you!
With a team of scientists and other dedicated professionals, the Department of Conservation administers a variety of programs vital to California's public safety, environment and economy. The services DOC provides are designed to balance today's needs with tomorrow's obligations by fostering the wise use and conservation of energy, land and mineral resources.
The Department of Conservation is a unique and diverse agency with:
-A dynamic leadership team
-On-site parking
-Close access to public transportation
-Conveniently located next to the Golden 1 Arena and the Downtown Plaza
-Easy access to restaurants and shopping

To learn more about the specific duties for this position access this link:
35% Performs the less complex technical review of mined-land reclamation plans and environmental documents to ensure compliance with the Surface Mining and Reclamation Act (SMARA) and the California Environmental Quality Act. Provides routine technical assistance to lead agencies in evaluating the feasibility of proposed plans for revegetating lands disturbed by surface mining operations. Based on site-specific analysis of soil, chemical and physical conditions, provides preliminary recommendations on soil amendments, fertilizer, and mulches needed for successful revegetation. Advises lead agencies on the adequacy of environmental impact assessments and the appropriateness of proposed mitigation and monitoring plans. Evaluates potential impacts of proposed mining and reclamation on sensitive plants, wildlife, and habitats.
25% Performs preliminary field investigations of existing and proposed mine sites to evaluate the practicability of proposed reclamation. Prepares drafts of routine correspondence and provides advice to lead agencies and the State Mining and Geology Board on the adequacy of proposed reclamation plans. Advises lead agencies on the feasibility of proposed reclamation plans for establishing selected species of vegetation, including native species, on areas disturbed by mining. Evaluates proposed methods for the removal, storage, and replacement of topsoil; use of soil amendments and fertilizers; selection of suitable plant species; planting techniques; and care of reestablished vegetation.
25% Maintains a working relationship with lead agency representatives and responds to inquiries from the public, other agencies, and industry concerning mined-land reclamation procedures and principles. Responsible for the tracking of all incoming reclamation plans and environmental documents that come into the office, as well as those which come into the Office of Governmental and Environmental Relations (OGER). Assists in organizing and participates in workshops and technical seminars to foster correct application of reclamation practices and to exchange information.
10% Independently answer public inquiries by phone, email or letter. Assist with file organization and digitization of mine files. Formats and initiates mailing of comment letters to lead agencies. Ensures the proper filing of paper mine files and correspondence. Assists in the preparation of workshop materials and performs other required duties.
5% Performs administrative duties including, but not limited to: adheres to Department policies, rules and procedures; submits administrative requests including leave, overtime, travel, and training in a timely and appropriate manner; accurately reports time in the Daily Log system; and submits timesheets by the due date.

Must be able to hike into remote mine sites over uneven ground.
Working conditions will otherwise be in an office environment and standard working hours will apply.
Incumbent needs to be able to lift up to 20 pounds and spend less than one hour at a time standing working with paper document files.
Working in an office environment sitting at a desk during core office hours using a desktop computer, keyboard, mouse, monitor, printers and plotters under non-natural lighting for prolonged periods of time is necessary.
Moving about the office and standing or sitting during in-person meetings is also necessary.
Travel via private or public transportation (i.e., automobile, airplane, etc.) inside California may be required. Environmental Scientist Duty Statement Revision: (10/2018) Page 3 of 3
Bending and stooping to retrieve and replace files and records may be required.
Use of telephone console is required.
Occasional operation of state owned vehicle to drive long hours to meetings.
Occasional working overtime to attend meetings, on-site reviews, or training inside California.
Work in a high-rise building.

Experience in restoration ecology
Experience in California flora and botanical field experience
Strong writing and communication skills

Education: Possession of a bachelor's or advanced degree with a major in a biological, chemical, physical, or environmental science, soil science, water science, hydrology, agronomy, natural resource science, environmental or public health, physical geography, or a closely related scientific discipline. (Admission to a masters or doctoral degree program in a biological, chemical, physical, or environmental science, soil science, water science, hydrology, agronomy, natural resource science, environmental or public health, physical geography, or a closely related scientific discipline shall be considered to meet these education qualifications.)
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